Episode 7: Late Valentine’s Day, Early White Day

In this podcast:

  • What’s making us happy in Takarazuka lately
  • Favorite romantic shows
  • Favorite romantic couples
  • Favorite pair dances
  • Favorite stage kisses

Links (things discussed in this podcast):


  • Beni: Kurenai Yuzuru’s nickname
  • Chie: Yuzuki Reon’s nickname
  • Kimu: Otozuki Kei’s nickname
  • Komu: Asami Hikaru’s nickname
  • Maachan: Maikaze Rira’s nickname
  • ManaHaru: Mana Haruto’s nickname
  • Micchan: Hokushou Kairi’s nickname
  • Mizu: Mizu Natsuki’s nickname
  • Mizugumi: Snow Troupe while Mizu was top star
  • Nene: Yumesaki Nene’s nickname
  • omiyage
  • Osa: Haruno Sumire’s nickname
  • ‘siennes: Short for “takarasiennes;” Takarazuka actresses
  • Tonami: Shirahane Yuri’s nickname
  • Touko: Aran Kei’s nickname
  • Wataru: Kozuki Wataru’s nickname
  • Yan: Anju Mira’s nickname

9 thoughts on “Episode 7: Late Valentine’s Day, Early White Day”

  1. Such a cute episode!

    A couple of random thoughts…

    “Season of Angels” was part of a special 90th anniversary production, so a lot of the humor was because of that and rotated around that (Osa’s character was 90 years old, I think I remember?). They did some similar attempts in the 100th anniversary equivalent “Guide to the Future,” but I don’t think they were as successful.

    And Asako’s Prince Assala is TOTALLY stolen from Johnny Depp! “Pirates of the Caribbean” came out in 2003. ;p

    And yup to the pair dance in BeruBara having been done before. It’s a really well known bit of choreography by Hayama-sensei, done in most Fersen shows, and was featured on her “Golden Steps” DVD as well. ♥ It’s called 小雨降る径 (Il pleut sur la route), and was first done in the 1990 Fersen version.

  2. Regarding the Bolero from Berubara, I have found videos from the following shows:
    1975 (Hana) – Haruno Yuri/Anna Jun
    1976 (Hoshi) – Ootori Ran/Hatsukaze Jun(?)
    1989 (Hoshi) – Hyuuga Kaoru/Daiki Yuu
    1989 (Yuki) – Mori Keaki/Ichiro Maki
    1991 (Yuki) – Kaikyou Hiroki/Mori Keaki
    2001 (Hoshi [Memorandum]) – Minoru Kou/Hoshina Yuri
    2001 (Sora) – Wao Youka/Hanafusa Mari
    2006 (Hoshi) – Kozuki Wataru/Shirahane Yuri
    2006 (Yuki [National Tour]) – Mizu Natsuki/Maikaze Rira
    2013 (Yuki) – Sou Kazuho/Ryuu Masaki
    2013 (Tsuki) – Ryuu Masaki/Asumi Rio
    I have not found the 1990 (Hana), but I presume it features Ooura Mizuki and Hibiki Mito. These shows were both Fersen/Marie and Oscar/Andre.

  3. My favorite duet: NeoVoyage starting with the Wao/Yamato duet ending with the Wao/Hana dance. That whole section is fantastic.

    To the person that hadn’t seen Nijinsky yet: Go now and get it somehow and watch it! You won’t regret it. It has one of the best mini finale besides Shangrila

  4. So my take-home lesson from this episode is I must watch Meguriai wa Futatabi 😉

    My favourite romantic show is Kuroi Hitomi, which is not really that romantic. It’s because I feel like the lovers in the story had overcome many obstacles to be together. For example, Nikolai stepping into enemy territory to save Masha and towards the end, willing to sacrifice himself to protect Masha’s identity. In turn, Masha also went all the way to see the empress and save Nikolai.

    Now my favourite stage kiss is from Haru no Yuki between Mirio and Miyu. I think their first kiss in the carriage was quite beautiful. They were looking into each others eyes, hesitant whether they should kiss or not. Just an innocent kiss, no tongue. In an interview, they admitted that the angle was all wrong because they were sitting side-by-side and Miyuchan said that Mirio always had to adjust so that it looks believable.

    1. lolol, I think I was a little bit dead towards the end of this ep, and only my love for ChieNene survived XDD it’s such a cute show!! XD and Beni is great in it too~ aaaaaaah meguriai~~

      omg I have to see haru no yuki. gawd. just the thought of MiyuMirio is enough sweetness to give me a tooth ache. 😛

  5. Hmm, a lot of Yukigumi and Hoshigumi picks in this episode… 😉 I loved it though, this is such a great topic! I could feel how much everyone loved certain combis <3

    "When you're getting ready for a serious knife fight you put on your lavender suit" made me laugh so hard XD

    I squee'd so much and almost cried when you were talking about Paradise Prince! I agree and disagree about it not having a very deep plot… I bawl almost every time Ume-chan slashes the painting, giving up her dreams for Tani's ;_________; And then cry again over Keiko-san and the whole Menfield family dealing with loss. It may seem like a Disney rom-com but actually I think that show has some really true emotions.

    I also almost cried again at Scarlet Pimpernel! I agree that because Percy and Marguerite have a non-standard romance, it's very moving <3

    Augh I can't comment on everything, there's just too much love!!

    1. Ah! No! I have to add that I agree with Rachpena above, not just the duet dance but the entire otokoyaku number + pair dance is one of my favorites from anything ever. O-Hana’s dress alone is so gorgeous *_______*

      Also agree with TM, I’m suddenly interested in Meguriai 😉 I thought it sounded like a very silly show when I heard about it, but everyone’s descriptions makes it sound very sweet and special actually <3

  6. Thank you so much for this wonderful episode ♡♡♡
    While I feel I have forgotten everything, I can add a few things to the list but without any claim that this is a complete list (because it isn’t):
    Favorite Pair Dance: The one I will never be able to forget is Komu’s and Maachan’s dance from Datenshi no Namida because I never have seen something as beautiful as this ever, anywhere. And I am really trying hard to remember but I would have to check back… I think Tonami and Mizu had an amazing pair dance in Zorro set to Diablo Rojo by Rodrigo y Gabriella? It’s been 9 years since I saw that show but I think I remember that I was pretty blown away by that.
    Favorite stage kisses: I know that I am forgetting a lot right now, but there have been a few very nice André and Oscar kisses in Berubara. I think there was a pretty good one between Wataru and Komu in Watarus version of Yuki 2006 and Mizu and I think Sous and Mizus in Mizu’s tour version was also quite nice? I have to rewatch all that stuff argh.
    Lastly, (spoilers for Silver Rose Chronicle) and I don’t know if I am cheating here because in some Vampire lores it’s actually called a kiss: When Nacchan bites Yumiko in Silver Rose Chronicle to turn her. That scene, the music, the lightning, the intensity of their feelings for each other, it’s all so so good.
    Favorite couples: Oscar and André in nearly every version of Berubara. Fight me. And gazillion others.
    Favorite romantic shows: my first thought here was Silver Rose Chronicle as well. It’s such a sweet story and Yumiko and Nacchan are so wonderful gosh I can’t.

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