Episode 8: Q & As!

CORRECTION: Todoroki Yuu was top star of Snow troupe beginning in 1997, not 1996.

Thank you, as always, to our wonderful editor Erin.

In this podcast:

  • What’s making us happy in Takarazuka lately
  • Questions sent to us!
  • Questions we stole!

Links (things discussed in this podcast):


  • Charlie = Takumi Hibiki’s nickname
  • Mizu = Mizu Natsuki’s nickname
  • Tom = Todoroki Yuu’s nickname
  • Touko = Aran Kei’s nickname
  • Berusaiyu no Bara = The Rose of Versailles
  • Kaze to Tomo ni Sarinu = Gone With the Wind
  • “Goran Nasai” = opening song of The Rose of Versailles
  • fukukumichou
  • kumichou
  • nibante
  • sanbante
  • senka


13 thoughts on “Episode 8: Q & As!”

  1. ‘Underwear’ is called Atelier in the US. On Netflix and has two Takarazuka top stars, Daichi Mao and Tomu Ranju. Both are wonderful. Good show

    Add to your question pile. How do they make a living? What’s this about sponsors? How about the lower rank actresses?

    1. cheers for that! I still haven’t had time to watch it yet but having the name in English is helpful. ^^

      we have added it to our list! it’s a slow process sometimes before we’re able to put some eps together, but I’m hoping we might be able to do another Q&A ep soon.

  2. I enjoyed this episode a lot.
    I am just amazed by how much knowledge and info you’ve got about Takarazuka.

    As for men’s Takarazuka fans, there is the special fan club called ” Aihoukai 愛宝会”.
    The club members are all men from either the political or the financial circles in Japan, and in order to join the club, it requires existing members’ referral. The previous Chairman of this club was our former Prime Minister, Mr. Hatoyama. My husband, a typical American boy from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is now hooked by their shows. Until he actually saw the shows on Live at the Theatre, he thought they were all lesbians. And then he has met some of my friends who is in Senka and OG in person, he appreciates the quality of their performance more.

    Thank you so much for saying, ” you want to be Ema Naoki if you could”
    I bet she is happy to hear that, and I will tell her that.

    1. I’m still in the learning process so I am constantly in awe of my fellow fans’ knowledge.

      wow, that is super cool to know about the aihoukai! I wonder if they share photos and flail too. XDD probably not, they are surely much more prudent and stoic.

  3. This is the first episode that I’ve listened to so far, and I really enjoyed it! I definitely will listen to the others soon. I loved the bit about Masao and Magee being scolded for having their boots too fancy, haha!

    As a note: I read recently that CD Japan has discontinued their magazine subscription service.

    As a relatively new fan (since 2014) I have recently encountered the Jennifer Robertson book that was mentioned to avoid, and was curious if any of you could speak a little more specifically about what kinds of things she writes that are false or detrimental to the Revue?

    Thanks again, I’m learning so much!

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed it! 😀 I myself am really into podcasts where I listen to people talking about stuff – idk, I guess I find it therapeutic XDD

      I have only read part of Jennifer Robertson’s book about Takarazuka, and I’m sure that there are several different takes on the issue as well… it’s a bit of a touchy subject, and I think she might have approached it from an angle which the company didn’t appreciate. I’ll see if we can have another Q&A ep soon and discuss it then. ^^

  4. Thank you so much for for answering my lengthy question! I now feel a little silly, if I just think of them as performers, but looking at some of the other comments here I guess the “lesbian question” is a lingering one. This was such a great episode!

    1. I think a lot of people are thinking and wondering, so it’s all good!^^ sometimes there are no definite answers unfortunately XDD

  5. I so appreciate Lisa’s answers on what to leave out and what to have more of in Takarazuka! Orange makeup I can kind of forgive but I can’t stand the blackface, it’s pretty offensive. (I haven’t seen any pictures from For the People but I’m afraid to look…) And I would be so, so happy if they had more strong female roles played by musumeyaku… I would love to see Zuka really shake things up and have a Bow Hall or other small production where there is a clear female star, not a male-centric story (I can only dream)…

    Also thank you for giving a shout-out to Teffy, it made me very happy <3

  6. Oh, I so very very much agree with you on musumeyaku really have to get the big female roles. And I would love to see a musumeyaku as Oscar for once.
    By the way, Wao and Ohana had a Kazetomo together in which Ohana got to play Scarlett and that was awesome.

    Looking at the discussion on Hass/Hate in Elisabeth from the viewpoint of 2018, and it feels terrible to have to say that, I think this scene should really be in more versions of Elisabeth. It doesn’t have any bit of the sexy Nazi trope and I would even go so far to say that other countries would profit from having that scene including their own national Nazi/alt-right/facism hate group pictured in a way. But it’s really terrible to think about how much more of an issue that has become in some western countries in the last two years, including Germany and the US.

    One thing that actually am terribly bored with are generic revue scenes, which usually have a bland (if any) background, no particular lighting (just all light on), usually one otokoyaku singing a generic song in a single color jumpsuit with big sleeves with a few musumeyaku doing generic dancing behind the otokoyaku in the same old dresses that we have seen in about fifty other shows, also single color with no sleeves. The scene is over in two minutes and usually only there so that the top star can changes clothes, but these annoy me so so much because so often revues have many of these scenes instead of a coherent narrative.
    And connected to that, what we need more of: interesting revues with a coherent narrative and costumes, music and lightning that all support the narrative. My favorite here is Tarantella (no surprise) but I just think we need more of these revues.
    Otherwise: less romatisized abusive situations, and I know it’s kind of a lost case but I’d like to have a gay character for once who is not there for comedic relief (or if I recall Nijinsky correctly, which I can’t guarantee at all, wasn’t everything in that show that was gay pretty abusive?). So yeah, I wouldn’t hold my breath but it would be nice. Or lets just have a top musumeyaku who is fed up with her partner’s manpain at the end of a story and marries her lesbian gal pal instead. That sure won’t happen but I want it.

    1. Ahahaha, I love that you’re plowing through all these eps, Katharina!

      Do you know, I’ve still managed to avoid ever watching Kazetomo? I just know I’ll have an allergic reaction to it. XD

      > I’d like to have a gay character for once who is not there for comedic relief

      Oh god, yes. It was a little funny the first few times, but it’s gotten so, so old.

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