“Revue” Corner #1: Prince of the Land of Roses

Thanks to Lella, here is a new addition to our podcast line-up. These reviews will be shorter looks at shows we really love. Today is March 11th, a day that has a lot of dark memories for me. This show came to mean a lot to me during that difficult spring in 2011.

Sorry if I sound a little flat; today was hard. I hope you enjoy the idea of our little Revue Corner, despite the somewhat sad beginning!



3 thoughts on ““Revue” Corner #1: Prince of the Land of Roses”

  1. Just wanted to thank you for this, as it was one I had been quite interested in seeing, but has been outside of my purchase priorities. Will have to take another look. Loved hearing about the audience’s reaction as well as reading the lyrics of the Beast’s song which was pretty emotional in and of itself.

    On that note, thank you for being emotional honest as that was quite helpful to me as well.

  2. ;___________; zukafans keep it real. <3 thank you for being so open about your experience with the earthquake/tsunami – it's one of those things I think you can't quite fathom unless you've lived through it, but when you hear people's real experiences maybe it becomes a little easier to understand. and it's quite daunting to think of how many people were effected by it, even far away.

    I don't mind at all – ALL OF THE REVUE CORNERS. I need to see that Tiger!Mirio. <33333

  3. I… think I’ve never seen this show! I thought I had, but the Kiriyan show I saw before I left Japan was Gypsy Baron, not this one… I feel like if I had watched it on DVD I would have remembered more of what you talked about. I’m glad to hear you talk in such glowing terms about Marimo’s role; definitely will have to see this at some point! Also, thank you for sharing your memories around the time of the earthquake.

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