Episode 20: Moon Troupe (月組)

Moon Troupe love! Join Becca, Carly, and Jen in their flailing and discussions of Moon Troupe now and in the past.

Correction: Eternal Tale was Haruna Yuri’s 2nd to last show, not her very last, which was War and Peace.

Links (Things Mentioned)

Couldn’t find the butterfly-clip pic, but have a sassy Rika in all her crazy-haired glory.



  • aite (相手) – partner
  • daihyou (代表) – representative, in Takarazuka fan clubs, it’s the lovely lady in charge
  • fukubukuro (福袋) @ Wikipedia
  • hakama (袴) – green hakama are traditional wear for graduation
  • irimachi/demachi (入待/出待) – waiting for the actresses before and after shows
  • kawaii (可愛い) – cute
  • nibante (二番手) – 2nd ranked role/actress
  • nihonmono (日本物) – set in historical Japan
  • pachipachi (パチパチ) – among other things, it’s the sound effect for clapping


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